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Kotagiri which is about 30 km. east of Udhagamandalam, 23 km. from Coonoor and 33 km. from Mettupalayam is one of the oldest and the largest of the hill stations. It is situated at a height of 6511' above the mean sea level and it possesses an agreeable climate among the hill stations of the district. It is protected by the Doddabetta range from the violent southwest monsoon and is not affected by mists which are so common at Coonoor. The lower elevation of the place makes it warmer than Udhagamandalam. These advantages in the climate make the station a fine health resort. Kotagiri stands at the head of a fine ravine running down towards Mettupalayam.
John Sullivan, the first Englishman to set foot on the Nilgiri hills pitched his tent near a village by name Dimbatti which is very close to Kotagiri.



Kodanad is a little village about 18 kms. from the east of Kotagiri on the eastern edges of Nilgiris. . The huge valley dips down from feet to the level of the plains and rises again in the opposite to the level of Mysore plateau.
It commands a panoramic view of the plains and the eastern slope of the Nilgiris. The panoramic view of the Thengumarahada , the Bhavanisagar dam, the tea estates and the river Moyar is breathtaking. Tamilnadu and karnataka State border and the actual point where the eastern and western ghats meet can be distinctly seen. This place is to be visited in bright sun light. A telescope has been installed to see the places, around and apart.



Catherine Falls is about 8 kilometres from Kotagiri, named after Catherine, the wife of Mr. M.D. Cockburn. This couple was among some of the first Europeans to settle in Kotagiri and they lie buried side by side in the cemetery there. The Falls are at a distance of 7 km. from Kotagiri and consists of an upper and a lower fall. The upper fall, which is the second highest in the Nilgiris, takes a leap of about 250 feet. From above the falls, one can see the magnificent view of Dolphin's Nose and the surrounding country.



Longwood Shola is the only major pocket of natural shola forest left in the immediate vicinity of Kotagiri in the Nilgiris. This shola is an integral part of the very fragile Nilgiri eco-system with an area of 116 hectares. The preservation of this shola forest is very vital. It plays a vital role in Kotagiri's microclimate, attracting and regulating rainfall. There is a very picturesque trekking path, which goes through this serene shola.



It is a conical peak at a height of 5855 feet above MSL and is the most sacred hill on the plateau. According to Hindu Legend Lord Rangaswamy used to live at Karamadai in Coimbatore district on the plains but quarrelled with his wife, came to live alone here. Two-foot prints on the rock not far from Arakadu village below the peak are stated to be the proof for this.
On the north west of Rangaswamy Peak is found the Rangaswamy Pillar, which is an extraordinary isolated rocky pillar rising in solitary grandeur to a height of some 400 feet and has sheer sides, which are quite unclimbable.


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